What We Do

We spent the first five years of our time here working with an anti-trafficking/community development organization. We learned a great deal during that first term about language, culture, the complexity of poverty and working in rural environments, micro-enterprise and the importance of a healthy balance between work and rest while navigating daily life on the mission field. We are so grateful for all we learned in that season and the ways it laid a foundation for long-term work here.

In 2016, we moved to Sihanoukville, a coastal town here in Cambodia. At that time, we also joined Iris Cambodia and began to serve alongside an incredible team. We volunteered with the Dream Center, a drop-in type center that serves a high-risk, poor community in the heart of the city. Jacob also helped manage Cafe Awaken, a business focused on training and equipping Cambodians in a safe, nurturing environment. In 2017, we took on the role of team leaders for the base. We are still new to this role and find it fun and growth-inducing! We love working alongside people from different nations and cultures.

Sihanoukville has gone through massive development over the last year which has created a number of challenges for our work there. In July 2018, due to inflated rental prices and difficult living conditions, our international team relocated to Kampot, a river-side town about 1.5 hours from Sihanoukville. 

The Dream Center and our community development projects continue in Sihanoukville and we now travel in and out weekly to support Khmer staff and the work happening there. It is so needed as we find that poorer communities are at greater risk there than before. We are also looking forward to expanding the work into Kampot. We anticipate that our first project will be a vocational training program providing opportunities to teenage boys from Sihanoukville who face limited options for employment and skill training.