Gearing Up For a Busy Season

Hi, everyone! Happy summer from the land where it is always warm.


Upcoming Malaysia Trip/Visa Renewal

The last few months have been pretty full on and with the start of Strong Roots (our vocational training program) beginning in November, we are looking to get away for a few days. In fact, we just purchased tickets for Malaysia at the end of September/early October. We haven’t taken a family vacation like this since last year and are looking forward to a week away in a really fun place! We will be renewing our visas at the same time which is one of our more significant large expenses each year. We would love extra financial help with this cost — $1200 plus $600 for work permits at the beginning of 2020 for our entire family. Also, if you’d like to help us with our trip to Malaysia, we would be so grateful! If you are interested in a tax-deductible donation, you can donate via New Life Church and the instructions are on our partner page. Otherwise, just use the link below to quickly and securely donate via our website. Thank you!


Now for some highlights from the past few months


Short Term Volunteers

Our team hosted a few short-term volunteers interested in longer-term commitments. We loved having them with us for two weeks and showing them the work in Sihanoukville as well as our plans for the Kampot base.


Spa day for women

We hosted two women’s meetings in our Sihanoukville community, continuing to build relationships and offer opportunities for connection, education on relevant issues, and encouragement.

King’s Birthday

We celebrated the King’s Birthday with our international and Khmer team at Rabbit Island. It was beautiful and a fun day!

DSCF2926-2 copy.jpg

Strong Roots

Our Strong Roots program is continuing to move through the planning stages. We have five young men from Sihanoukville signed up to start in November and last week we rented a house/office space in Kampot. We also recently signed on two more boys from Phnom Penh! We have government approval to move forward — yay! Our next step is to hire Khmer staff who will oversee the project and provide relational direction and encouragement for the young men in the program. We will be focusing on apprenticeship in moto repair shops for the first year of the program, as well as working on Khmer literacy and life skills. We are excited and nervous about the possibilities and stepping into the unknown!

Caleb and Aaron finished their second term!

The boys finished out their second term of the year with a program in which they both had speaking parts — we are so proud of them and encouraged to see them loving school!