Here I Am Again


Here I am. Again. Thinking about blogging more regularly. Again. The last time I said this I made a bold pronouncement that I would blog weekly. That was over two years ago. Sigh.

No such brave proclamations this time. I am, perhaps, a bit more realistic in how these things go. HOWEVER, I do feel an urge to go at it again. I do have some things I’ve been wanting to put out into the big world for others to ponder and respond on. I have realized that, because I have such a high value on the permanency and enduring value of the written word AND because we all seem to be saying SO much these days with social media, that I don’t want to say something just to say it. You know what I mean? That said, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t say anything at all. So here we go tip-toeing our way through the land mines of too much and not enough.

As a way of easing back in, I thought I would catch you up. Here are some of the latest happenings in my world.

My husband and I live in Cambodia (hence the title of this blog). We have been calling this beautiful and challenging place home for almost 9 years. Living in Cambodia has been an unearthing of who I was created to be and what makes me come alive in the best and hardest possibly ways.


Almost three years ago, we moved to a coastal town, Sihanoukville, to be a part of a beautiful town and a beautiful work with a beautiful people.

We are still a part of that beautiful work with many beautiful people. The town is currently going through a lot of challenges but we feel called to stay steady, to be present and alert, to keep our eyes and hearts open to the fruitful work happening in people there.


Due to inflation, our international team relocated to Kampot (about 1.5 hours away). I miss Sihanoukville and I am learning to love Kampot at the same time. The tensions of joy and sorrow, losing and receiving, the known and the not yet produce the greatest growth in us, don’t they?

Changing things are growing things. We see this in our Dream Center in Sihanoukville right now. As the city shifts, our desire is to go deeper and love more.


My main thing right now are the faces you see below. I am mom to three wonderful, intense boys and one furry, slightly gross boy puppy. I have many dreams and desires in my heart but THESE ones...well they are my biggest gift and responsibility at the moment.

Did I mention I love Cambodia? I DO. I am grateful to have a soft heart and clear eyes even in the midst of many challenges and difficulties along the way. Proverbs 31:16 (Passion Translation) has been a guiding verse for me over the last year or so: “She sets her heart upon a nation and takes it as her own, carrying it within her. She labors there to plant the living vines.” May it be so. Amen.