Trip Home -- Update

Dear Friends and Family,

We pray your summer is going well! We are well into rainy season here in Cambodia, which means semi-cooler temps, but much more humid weather. Yum! 

I’m sure most of you are aware of this already, but I’m (Jacob) coming home from 2-September through 20-September with Caleb. Unfortunately, we cannot all come home as a family due to Aaron’s paperwork not being fully processed yet. If you think of it, please take a moment and pray for us about this. We would love for this to happen sooner than later, but we are also trusting in God’s timing too.  While we are waiting, we decided it’s best if we just take turns coming home so that we can connect with our partners, friends and family. Caleb hasn’t met a lot of of our extended family so we will be doing that, plus having some much needed time with close friends. 

On Tuesday, September 16th, I’m having a little gathering at my Dad’s house in Gleneagle. Because I’m only home for two weeks, it will be impossible to meet with everyone. I wish I could, trust me! If you are in the Springs and would like to connect, please consider coming to have dessert at my Papa’s house from 6-8. It’s open house so feel free to come and go as you please. I will also Skype Noelle in at about 7ish. If you are interested in coming, please contact me directly at

If that time doesn’t work, then just feel free to email me to see if we can make something else work.

Looking forward to seeing you Stateside!