Caleb's 3rd Birthday

On Friday, Caleb turned three and in the days leading up to his birthday, I found my mind wandering down memory lane. My earliest musings are of nights filled with endless walking and nursing, singing and crying and then starting all over again. But gradually a light began to pierce through the newborn fog and there was his first laugh, the first time he sat up by himself, his first steps and words. I have watched in awe as this little human being stretches into his limbs and personality with each new day. I remember the first time he hugged me, the first time he hugged a friend, the first time he told me he was sad, and the day he screamed in rage the entire tuk tuk ride into the city. I love watching Caleb and Aaron laugh themselves silly or go exploring together. I love seeing Jacob kiss an owie or take off on the moto with him. And just last week, Caleb looked at me and said for the very first time, “Mommy, me want Caleb/Mommy ‘I love you’ snuggles now.” It pretty much made my month. 

And lest you think it is all rainbows and bunny kisses, we do have more than our fair share of tantrums, weird poop stories, and scratching-our-heads, frustrated-beyond-belief moments. But this blog is about birthdays and CELEBRATION!!! And what is there to celebrate about digging plastic animals out of your toddler’s bottom on a Sunday afternoon? NOTHING. Anyway, moving on...

On Saturday we had a little party at a local playground. Just a playtime, some banana bread cake (Caleb’s favourite and Cambodians too), bubbles and some presents. It was a bit hot (tropical blazing was more like it) but we still had fun. Caleb plays in Sak Saum’s nursery while I work downstairs so these are his buddies, their moms, and a few other good friends. He loves his friends and that night when I put him to bed he said, "Mommy, me happy with me friends, me playground." Enjoy the pics! — Noelle