Grandpa and Grandma Visit Cambodia!

A couple of weeks ago, my Dad and Stepmom came to visit us and their grand-kiddos in Cambodia. It was so much fun having them! We kept them busy and made sure they had ample time with the kids. A trip to the beach, Saang, Sak Saum and all around Phnom Penh were some of things we did. My Dad even managed to drive my bike which was eventful. I'll let him fill you in on the details, but it involved several Cambodians laughing hysterically at him. Use your imagination.

We are so thankful to have loving family that spends their precious time/money to make there way over here. It means the world to us.

I can't end this blog without including a ton o' pictures. Enjoy! Remember, you can click on the small ones to make them bigger.

We are loving how confident Aaron is getting!

Caleb wants to do what Aaron does :)


A trip to Gloria Jeans!


A trip to the river front


They would chase after birds all day if they could.

I love the brotherhood resembled here.

A trip to the beach!

Look at these two love cakes.

Look at these two love cakes.

A trip to the waterfall on the way home!

Lastly, a family photo.

Lastly, a family photo.