A Little Getaway

We enjoyed getting away recently as a family. This past weekend, we had a public holiday called Pchum Ben. It's basically a celebration of the dead. Lovely, huh? Many Cambodians go pay respects to their deceased relatives at the local pagoda (Buddhist Temple) and get together with family. If you drive around in the neighborhood, most homes have food, candles, tea and coffee as a sacrifice to their ancestors. It's a very heavy time.

There aren't too many places that are easy with kids so we decided to go to the beach, which is always a hit with the boys. Traffic wasn't too bad and we made record time! The weather cooperated for a little while, but we came home a day early because it started to rain non-stop and it was FREEZING!! 

To make up for the day, we took the boys to Kid's City (an indoor play center) yesterday and they played on a giant playground indoors.

We hope you enjoy some photos of our time. 



Our Hotel




Aaron basically looked for shells the entire weekend. He's such an explorer. 

Caleb on the other hand was obsessed with sand, and threw it, launched it with a shovel and threw it again. 


On the last day, Caleb refused to walk in the sand. Maybe he was tired of the gritty texture...lol. 



But then, he had his moments... 

Dark and cloudy... 


A lady was walking on the beach and offered to take our photo. Love this!