Saturday Afternoon


I love weekends. It's a chance to really be present with family, wind down from the week and gear up for the following week. It's a chance to go grocery shopping, get haircuts and whatever life maintenance that needs to be done. And of course, on Sunday, we go to church with our Khmer community, which we love so much.

This past Saturday afternoon, I wanted to clean up some mold/moss stuff off our courtyard. I think it develops from the rain and the aircon drain from our room. It was getting a bit slimy, so I decided it needed to go. Afterwards, we all played in the water. It was so much fun!  

Leading up to that, Caleb was in a great mood, so I caught some quick shots of him playing.

What a ham.

Aaron headed outside to help clean the courtyard.

So caleb got crabby when we decided to give him a bath outside. Clearly, Aaron is trying to encourage him :)

We do not approve of babies sucking on hose spouts, but I had to capture the moment first!

Aaron doing his thing!

Love, love this shot.