Jacob & Noelle: America Bound

It's surreal to write this, but believe it or not, we are due to come home for a short visit. Last March, we landed in Cambodia and now, nearly one year later, we are getting ready to fly home. We leave on 13 March and come back to Cambodia on 18 April. It will be a quick trip, but we look forward to spending time with loved ones.

This past year has been full, but so good in many ways. My only regret is that I would have done a better job of journaling, because much has happened. We have been stretched but in the midst of stretching significant growth happens. Noelle and I have grown in our marriage, developed long-lasting relationships, grown in our relationship with Jesus - our time here has been incredibly rich. 

The best part is that our life here in Cambodia is just beginning. Our feet are wet, but we want to immerse ourselves and plant roots here. This is a long-term commitment and we are just getting started. 

I wonder what it will be like stepping on U.S. soil. I know one thing - we are going to freeze our butts off. We have totally adjusted to the climate here and it's not cold. It's hot and it's hot pretty much year around. We've been told by our good friends, Eric and Ginny that we can expect to have culture shock. When I first heard this, I thought to myself, how is that possible? We are from America. Now, that a year has passed, I can totally see how we need to be prepared to be overwhelmed. 

It's going to be hard to leave Cambodia, even for a month. We have worked hard to establish relationships here, so we are going to miss our community a lot. But I'm so glad we are coming back - our family is here in Cambodia too!