I have something I want to share that feels a bit vulnerable to me. Thanks for your listening ear and grace in advance! It has to do with dreams. No, not the dreams we have for our future but actual, lying-down-at-night, while-we-sleep dreams.

Shortly after Jacob and I moved to Cambodia, we both started to dream. Quite a lot actually. Of course everyone has dreams and most of us remember them from time to time but it has always been very rare for me to regularly recall these night-time slumberings. Then I arrive here and I start dreaming like crazy. And not just random I-ate-bad-food stuff. Dreams about prayer, the lost, my own walk with God, other people's wholeness and healing, and so on. Cambodia is a land of dreams -- it seems to be one of the ways the spiritual battle between dark and light shows itself here. Many people have incredible dreams to share.

For my quiet, well-though-out self, this has been a bit interesting for me. Do reserved Swedes dream? Evidently so. LOL. I decided a number of years ago that if God opens a door or presents me with an opportunity to learn more about Him, I want to say yes. I wish I could tell you that I always do so. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'm afraid. Sometimes I care too much what other people will think. Sometimes, in my flesh, I just want to say no.

But in these dreams, I hear Him. And I believe He is showing me another way to walk with Him.

As always, we have to sift everything through Scripture and I am grateful for the wise counsel of God's Word and other believers. Many people in the Bible had dreams. And the book of Acts says that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit and old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions. I am not an old man but if God is pouring out His Spirit in my life through dreams, I don't want to miss it because its new or a bit uncomfortable.  

I hope that's the cry of all of our hearts: "More of You, God. Whatever that looks like, I want to hear what You have to say and see what You are doing in this world You care so much about. Teach me with wisdom and humility how to enter the wondrous, mysterious and faith-summoning story YOU are creating on the earth."

Until next time my friends...