Important Health Update & Prayer Request

We want to thank you all for your continued prayer and support as we walk through this. It's not fun, but we know and understand God's hand is not too short - as my friend Eric would say. And as so many of you wanted to give us hugs, I think that's what we miss most.

Noelle will be undergoing a procedure at 9am (Bangkok Time) to ensure her safety and so that there will be no complications in the future.

Here is the email we sent out last night to our community.


Jacob and Noelle


Hello friends and family. We wanted to take a moment and update you on some
important and sad news. As some of you know, Noelle and I went on Monday for
our first ultrasound to see our baby. We were so excited after waiting
nearly 11 weeks to see our little one. At that appointment we were shocked
to learn that there was a problem with the baby that had caused him/her to
stop developing several weeks ago.

After an appointment with Noelle's doctor in Phnom Penh, it became evident
that we needed to seek further medical care in Bangkok, Thailand. So early
Wednesday morning, we caught a flight in order to receive follow-up testing
and treatment at a hospital there. Noelle will undergo a standard procedure
tomorrow morning to ensure a healthy, safe recovery from the miscarriage.

It is difficult to describe the emotions that one feels at a time like this.
Pregnancy is, in so many ways, about expecting. In just a few short weeks,
our hearts have become quickly and deeply in love with our baby and all the
hopes and dreams that he/she represented. We are disappointed and very sad.
At the same time, we have been so incredibly grateful for our friends and
family -- in Cambodia, the US and around the world. Eric and Ginny have been
a huge help and support and we have experienced so much love from them, our
fellow Cambodian/international staff and our families back home. We miss all
of you so much in a time like this but are grateful for how God provides. He
truly sees, knows and acts on our behalf.

We will be in Thailand until Sunday. We have some wonderful friends who live
here and they have been taking excellent care of us...another sign of God's
grace and provision. We ask for your prayers as Noelle undergoes her
procedure today and for healing in every way as we move through this process
in the days and weeks ahead.

Much love,

Jacob and Noelle Goodlin