May Has Been Good

We haven't blogged in a few weeks, so while we are still putting our video update together, I thought I would share a few photos from May.

It's amazing how photos tell a story. You can sit there at your computer and stare into the eyes of a child and see the joy from 30 loads of dirt being dumped on his street to help prevent flooding, or perhaps get a glimpse into the life of a laborer helping to build a safehouse for children.

Working with In His Steps has been an honor. Everyday I spend in Cambodia, I see God on the move. He is working in the lives of many here and using a few faithful workers to share His love. 

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Here is a photo from Pheaktra and Heng's wedding.  They had a 100% Christian ceremony didn't participate in any of the Buddhist rituals as many do. This is unheard of.  I took tons of photos there. You can read more about their wedding on IHSI's blog here.

This is John. John is an orphan and lives at the Foundation Center, and I have the privilege of getting to know him. He has such a tender heart, and I love how God is meeting him.

This is Noelle and I with Pheaktra and Heng at their wedding. Such a long day - American weddings are short compared to Cambodian ones.

Eric Hanson (In His Steps Director and Founder) with the Governor of the Kandal Province. It was such an honor to be seated at his table.

Doesn't Aaron look adorable????  He's so precious.

I shot some photos of new Sak Saum product that will go in the catalog.  

Where do those coconut buttons come from? Read the blog here.

And of course, the safehouse! Eric and Ginny met with John and Lisa Bevere with Messenger Intl.  A partnership was started and all the funding for the safehouse was secured.  These are the plans. Can you read it??

The land where the safehouse is to be built.  This is also the same land where the Foundation Center is at.

The cheans (Cambodian word for worker) hard at work.  They are driving the posts in the ground.

Posts are done - now they are digging out the holes.

I have the opportunity to occasionally teach at the Leadership Development class in Saang.  This time, I talked about trust and did some trust activities. Tons of fun!

Sopheak is a stud. He's wearing my sunglasses well.

The countryside outside of Saang. Beautiful!


IHSI and IHSC worked together and provided some 30 loads of dirt to build this road up.  $500 will help prevent flooding and kids having to walk through sewage. God at work!