Goodlin Update - April

Friends & Family,

We want to share with you our latest newsletter! You can read it here.  It's crazy to think we've been in Cambodia for 6 weeks now - it feels like so much longer in some ways.

As we move forward with our lives here, we want to communicate a few ways you can stay in touch.  You can count on an official update (like this one) every other month.  We will, however, be updating our blog with more current information including photos and videos at least once a week

Twitter: Noelle and I are both on Twitter and actively use it.  It's a great tool to share tidbits of information throughout the day about activities we are involved in, what we are doing, etc.  It's basically a mini-story of the day.  If you don't use Twitter, you should read about it. 

Here is where you can follow us: &

Facebook: Of course you can also find us on as Noelle Goodlin & Jacobus Maximus (long story).

Skype: You can find Noelle at Noelle_Goodlin & Jacob at Jacobus.Maximus.

Email: We would love to hear from you! You can reach Noelle at and Jacob at

Phone: We do have phone numbers here in Cambodia. If you need to contact us, please shoot us an email for our phone numbers. 

We miss you all AND love being here at the same time. Talk to you soon!