The Flood

Apparently, Cambodia and many places in Southeast Asia are known for flooding.  Today, we had a flood. The unusual part is that it's April.  April is known to be the hottest and driest month out of the year, so I guess it's rare to get rain like this.  Anyways, I came home sick today (fever w/ body aches) and lo and behold, buckets of water fall from the heavens.  I'm not joking, I got literally drops on my shirt while scurrying up the moto ramp to my apartment building before torrential rain began to fall for at least 2hrs.  

Rain is perfect for sleeping, so since I wasn't feeling well, I curled up on the couch and took a nap.  I woke up to find it still raining and the road parallel to the market was flooded. It was at least two feet.  

Here are a few photos.  I suppose once rainy season officially begins, I will be able to experience more of this.

(*Click each photo to see larger version*)


This guy was not a happy camper. He got water in his engine...bad day.

It was deep!

I would not want to be delivering packages today...