Celebrating the New Year...Cambodian Style

This past weekend, the In His Steps staff had a New Year's celebration...a little part-tay if you will. We had heard about the IHSI barbeques and gatherings in the past but this was our first chance to experience it firsthand. It was SO FUN! I wish we could express through words how thankful we are for such an incredible ministry and group of people to plug into. We are so privileged to serve with them!

True discipleship comes not from the perfect teaching or the incredible worship experience. Rather it happens most often "along the road," walking your life out in such a way that someone else sees God and what He is like. Eric and Ginny have been doing this with their staff for quite awhile now and the fruit shows -- both in sincere faith and good, clean fun.

On the car ride home from the party, several of us were talking about how we Americans could learn something from Cambodians about the value of celebration and play. Cambodians certainly know how to be silly and laugh together. They love LOUD music (it's actually quite catchy) and eating and dancing and games. Anyway...watch the video and you'll get the idea. 

Without further adieu...In His Steps' New Year's Celebration.

Also, Jacob worked up a little blog with some photos from the day. These are a must see! Check them out here.


Khmer New Year Party from Jacob and Noelle Goodlin on Vimeo.