Ice Cream

This is actually something you do for fun in America as well.  But in Cambodia, getting ice cream can be an adventure.  Good ice cream is definitely available here, but you pay for it.  For example, a pint of Hagen Daz costs about $12/pint.  I'm not joking!  Because most everything is imported in smaller quantities here, it's just plain expensive to buy anything western.

So we decided to run down to the 7-Mart, which is like 7-11.  It's actually quite convenient and only a 5 minute walk down the street.  I decided to do a little clip of Noelle enjoying her scrumptious treat, which unfortunately isn't Hagen Daz, but a popsicle coated with chocolate and nuts.

Watch and enjoy. Yes.


Ice Cream from Jacob and Noelle Goodlin on Vimeo.

Noelle chowing down on some lovely ice cream from 7-Mart a.k.a. 7-11