Introducing our Dads

We hosted our first guests and they happened to be our Dads. We waited a long time for the day and we were practically beside ourselves with anticipation as we tracked their flight across the globe. Noelle was busy preparing our little apartment for their arrival and I sat around anxiously biting my nails, tracking every move of their 28 hour journey using my spy equipment (the internet). I know this sounds so dramatic, but we were seriously excited about them coming to visit.

They finally arrived late in the evening and we welcomed them with 10 minute hugs. 

We loved showing them around the city, but more importantly, we loved introducing them to the people we love and the ministry we work with. In His Steps International was founded by Eric and Ginny Hanson and we are proud to say we are a part. Eric and Ginny have worked tirelessly building IHSI from the ground up and our Dads were able to witness it first-hand. For them to see, hear and talk with many of the people we've come to know and have relationship with -- it was the best part of our time together and truly made us smile. 

They were only here for a short time, but I think the 9 day taste of Cambodia was plenty for them to gnaw on once they arrived back home. We took them to the province several times, the beach for a day, and, of course, moto rides and tuk tuk tours around the city. They also visited Tuol Sleng and the Killing Fields to help them understand some of the tragic Cambodian history with Pol Pot at the helm.

It was such an incredible time. As their children, it meant the world to us that they happened to be our first guests. Our Dads are special to us and their visit reminded us how valuable family is. 

Enjoy the photos.

Our Dads loved taking photos.


The sunset at the beach.

My excited I'm at the beach look.


Noelle looking good at 6am.

And this is my 6am look.

A couple of unfinished buildings along the coast.



What can I say?

Waterfalls near the coast. Beautiful!


My Dad wasn't being serious. Father like son.



Love it!

Bruce getting ready to teach English at Father's House in Saang.

Eric introducing Bruce.

Bruce teaching some basic English. He's a good teacher!!


What time of day do you think this is?

Took our Dads to the FCC for lunch. A place journalists came during the war.




Eric and Ginny showing our Dads some land over on an island in Saang.





The Killing Fields.


Finally, Bruce next to our broken down tuk tuk. I think this will be his next Facebook profile picture.