It's Raining, It's Pouring...Phnom Penh FLOODED!

All of us here (In His Steps Staff) have been talking about how rainy season isn't what it's supposed to be. It's been delayed or something. Well, I think today, things have changed. It's been raining practically non-stop the entire day. I hear reports from the province it's been raining all day too and I read online throughout the country we could expect consistent heavy rain for the next couple days. Crazy. I have the same feeling when a big snow storm is forecasted for Colorado Springs!

Tonight, when I went to pick up Noelle from Sak Saum, I got to experience this first hand. I don't know what's going on with the sewer system in the city, but it's not working. There was probably 1.5 meters of water in front of the market and a good 8-10 inches in front of our apartment complex and flooded throughout the city. Some of the major roads were even flooded. I'm thankful for an SUV!

Here are some photos from the adventure. 

Taken off the balcony of our apartment. See the fried chicken floating in the water?? lol.

Taken with my phone on a major street.

Taken with my phone. This shot is down our street. See the red string dangling across the street? Someone is trying to be helpful. Don't come down here! Your vehicle will drown. I was impressed - most people listened.

Taken on the way back from Sak Saum with Noelle. I went for it...and made it. Shew!