A Tutorial on How to Leave a Comment

While browsing the internet tonight, I discovered this sweet tool called Jing, by Techsmith.  It's a free utility that allows you to make videos that capture voice and whatever is on your screen.  I had to play, so I made a video to show blog readers how to leave a comment on a TypePad blog.  

I wonder sometimes if folks even know if they are able to leave a comment.  Anyways, I played with the tool and found it to be quite intuitive.  It's definitely worth checking out, especially because it's free! There is a version for both Mac and Windows clients.  Additionally, you get a free account with screencast.com.  Screencast is for sharing and storing your videos.  If you get the Pro version of Jing ($14/yr), you can create your videos in high-quality Mp4 and you have the ability to upload your videos directly to YouTube.  If you don't want to share your video, you can simply save it to your hard drive.

It's amazing to see technology evolve, so I'm sure this will be no big deal in 6 months.  In the meantime, I feel like I found gold.  Try it out!

Here is the link to the video I was talking about.  I've also embedded the HTML (YouTube) to watch it right here. Just click on the PLAY button.  

This is not a technology blog, but I happen to be an IT Nerd, so every so often, I may throw something up related to technology.  It's fun!

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