Merry Christmas!

Hello, friends and family! Even as we write this, we are busy decorating our Christmas tree, shopping for gifts and attending more parties than we thought possible. It is a full and wonderful time of year for us -- we hope the same for you.

As we continue preparing for our Cambodia move, it is comforting to remember the men and women of faith who also followed God's lead into a world of unknowns -- Abraham and Sarah with the promise of a one-day baby, Moses with millions of cranky Israelites in tow, David as he fled from Saul into the wilderness, and Mary and Joseph.  It was out of their world of faith and mystery that Jesus came, the savior of the world.

We serve an incredible God and hope you will rediscover the wonder and awe of following Him this Christmas season.

Much love to you and enjoy our Christmas message.

Jacob and Noelle

P.S. A Christmas video is coming...soon. You won't want to miss this one, so check back!

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