I can’t believe Noelle and I leave tomorrow. The time here has flown by so fast and there is a whirlwind of emotions we are both processing.  I can speak for Noelle and say the Lord is continuing to swell our hearts for the Cambodian people. The Lord is doing some major heart work in us and defining our vision for the future – very exciting! 

As our time winds down here, we want to share a few take-aways.


  • It's much harder to say goodbye than I thought:  I think because of the long-term roots that are being planted, relationships being developed and thinking about our future plans here, I've found myself on the verge of tears a few times already.  I don't like crying :)

  • Friends?  One fear I've been working through was that I would have no deep relationships here.  Well, after these past two weeks, I think God will take care of this area just fine.  Eric & Ginny Hanson, founders of In His Steps are becoming great friends.  Pheaktra and Vouen (IHSC - In His Steps Cambodia Staff) are silly and goofy just like me.  I'm sure we will get along just fine.  Sarith is the country director, and I probably spent the most time with him.  He's a great guy and will be my comrade for many years to come.  God has already blessed me with quality relationships that will only deepen and I'm not even here permanently yet!  God is so good.

  • A burden for the lost: The Lord is doing a serious work in me for the lost.  He's planting something deep in me - a burden to see the lost come to Him.  I've never felt this way before.

  • A greater understanding of the Word: Eric Hanson is a wise man.  I've been so impressed with his ability to extract information from the Bible and explain it so well.  He's also challenged me in an indirect way to tackle the Word and Prayer like never before.  I'm excited to experience a greater understanding and more intimacy with the Lord.



  • Watching Jacob Come Alive: There is nothing quite like watching someone you deeply love begin to grow in new ways. Five years ago, God began speaking to me in a new way about missions. Two years ago, something deeper happened with Cambodia. Now to see Jacob connecting in the same way has strengthened my faith that God is more than able to accomplish His plans and purposes in our lives.

  • A Thankful Heart: Being here reminds me of how my life is so rich. Coming, I have asked the question of "what will it be like to live here?" In the midst of pondering and praying, what has resounded most is how blessed I truly am. I love my family, my friends, theMILL, my husband, my God. Now God is teaching me to love Cambodia. It is a privilege to follow Jesus along the way (everyone, read Eugene!).

  • My Home is with God: How do you live connected with two places? How do you live fully wherever you are, whatever you do? The answer I arrive at is to attach my heart even more steadfastly to God. My life calling is not to a particular place but to a King, a King and Father who loves all people in all places. I think that is the fullest way to move through life.

To conclude, please take a moment and read over some prayer requests. 

  • Apartment - we are excited about finding a nice plate to retreat to at the end of the night.  Please pray the Lord opens the right place at the right price.

  • Vision - please pray for the Lord to continue to define our vision.

  • Debt - we still have a good amount of debt to plow through before we can call Cambodia our home.  Please pray the Lord helps us continue to tighten our budget so that we can get through the rest of our debt in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Protection - we discovered that the enemy is in attack mode while we've been here in Cambodia.  Please pray for protection.

See most of you in a few days!

Jacob and Noelle