Jacob's Motorcycyle Diary - Cambodian Version :)

Let me start by saying that today was probably my favorite.  This morning, Eric, Ginny, Noelle and myself went to church.  The church consisted of about 25 foreigners mostly from New Zealand.  The preaching was great!  The sermon focused on a 2008 retrospect and looking forward into 2009. 

After a brief church service, we hopped over to the market for some fried noodles and iced coffee...oh so good.  The friend noodles had vegetables and a fried egg on top.  And of course I really loved the iced coffee.  It was super strong and it had this wonderful sweet cream added to it.

Once we got back to the apartment, Sarith and I decided to take a little stroll to the countryside...not in a car, but on a dirt bike.  Now, as you might assume, driving here in Cambodia is absolutely nuts.  It's not for the faint of heart and I would suggest taking out a hefty life insurance policy before you attempt it.  Okay, I might be acting a little dramatic, but I don't think my heart rate dropped below 170 until we got into the country.  Sarith is an amazing driver. He worked those road as if he owned them - scooting in and out of traffic, speeding by slow-moving trucks and barely missing the old men on bikes.  It's weird to think he grew up around this.  It was a piece of cake for him and here I am holding on for dear life! 

The outskirts of Phnom Penh were breaktaking.  I couldn't get enough of how beautiful everything was.  From the old woman working in the rice paddies to the smiling young man on the moto, everything seemed to leap out at me.  I feel as though Cambodia is becoming my new home.  At least the Lord is breaking my heart for the people here.  It will just be a matter of time before I stand hand in hand with good friends.  I can't wait!!  After visiting Sarith's mother and uncle, we rode up this steep mountain road to an overlook.  We got off the bike to take a break and stood there looking at Phnom Penh from afar. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I was in awe.

You know - it's hard to explain how I feel.  It's easy to explain or express in words the beauty of landscape or things you can physically see, but it's difficult to communicate how my heart feels right now.  All I can say is that my heart continues to swell for the Cambodian people.  The more time I spend with different folks, the more my heart longs for them to know our Mighty God. 

Lastly, tomorrow is my anniversary. Noelle and I are getting away and staying at a nice hotel called The Quay.  I'm excited to process our trip so far and look back on our first year of marriage.  Stay tuned for our anniversary blog.  Challenges and reflection will be the focus.

Till tomorrow,