Bloggers Journal -- MindMap your Ideas

I'm a huge MindMap fan.  If you have never had the opportunity to use MindManager from MindJet, you should check it out.  It has revolutionized the way I brainstorm!

Once a month, I will be publishing a blog based on my brainstorming sessions and what readers would like to hear about.  In July, I've have narrowed my list down to 3 ideas/topics.  If you are interested in hearing my prespective on any of these, please comment with your choice.  I will wait till the volume of comments subside and the compile a blog based upon the most popular topic. 

Now in order for this to work, you have to be interested in my writing.  Right now, I know of one fan, and that's my biggest fan of all, Noelle (my wife).  So come on, give me a chance and let me know your heart's desire!!

For the month of July:


  1. My perspective on boundaries in a dating relationship.


  3. Give up Starbucks for a Compassion child


  5. My first introspective on marraige


An example of a mindmap.  This is from my engagement: