The Pool...

So after a 40 mile bike ride in 90 degree heat, here I am laying out at the pool. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

While laying here getting burnt to a crisp, I have a few ideas I would like to share.

1. Girls need to put more clothes on. SERIOUSLY!!!  I'm a married man, but there is still temptation and this just happens to be the first time at the pool this year. So my little piece of advice to my fellow men out there-bounce your eyes at the pool. It will be a workout.

2. I wish my wife was here. I know like one person at the pool and it would be fun to see her beautiful smile right about now.  Note to self: Next time you come to the pool, bring your wife. It would be much more enjoyable.

3. Good golly I'm white. I look like some sort of striped animal from the African bush! I have a sweet bikers tan on my legs and arms, but my chest so sooo white that you may be able to see your reflection. Next year, it would be wise to go to the pool on a regular basis so that my tan would be more consistent. No wonder everyone keeps looking at me.

4. It is bloody hot out here.  Of course I don't have any significant sunscreen on, nor do I have sunglasses with me. What is wrong with me?  It must be over 92 and here I am withering away like an old man.  My last piece of advice would be to make sure you have adequate sunscreen and a set of cool sunglasses the next time you hit the pool.

Ok-i need to get in the water now. I think I'm getting dehydrated!!

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