I saw a mountain lion...part 2

So if you haven't figured out from the first post -- I like adventure.  In fact, I thrive on adventure.  That Sunday, I was determined to find excitement, thrill -- something to stimulate the area of my brain that screamed DANGER!

Noelle and I set off on a mission.  As we headed off into dangerous territory, we stumbled upon a road that headed up to one of those "Points of Interest."  We all know how that turn out sometimes, but we believed the best about the park's decision to post this sign.  Driving up this dusty and very rocky road, we twisted and turned towards the top.  It seemed like it was taking an hour to get up this road, and I swear my car was going to fall apart from all the rattling. 

We made it!  Zapata Falls!!  What could this mysterious landmark be all about?  We parked, went to the smelly bathroom and headed off down the trail towards the base of the falls.  As we were walking, Noelle told me this story about her fear of outside latrines.  She mentioned how she freaks out when forced to do business with these awful smelling outside toilets.  You see, when you enter this "room" you find yourself peering down this black hold that leads to an abyss, and boy oh boy do they smell good.  Waste that's been composting for practically years smells of ammonia.  That's the best way to describe the odor without grossing you out, so I will stop there.

One mile later, we came across a small stream that went back into a cave.  The cave itself lookedreacherous, but we wanted to see Zapata Falls.  Walking through the ice cold water trying to keep my camera from getting doused in water, we made it through the cave.  The huge ice structure that was covering the majority of the water was absolutely beautiful.  The falls itself could be seen at the top and the bottom.  We must have taken a dozen pics back there.  Since my ice cold feet were going numb, we decided to head out and seek out another adventure.

Back at the beginning of the trail head, we moved another direction towards Zapata Lake.  Up and up we went and it seemed like with every corner uncovered beautiful fourteener's and it's smaller brothers.  They were awesome!

I bet you are all wondering why I entitled this blog, "I saw a mountain lion..."   Well, I have this fear of wild animals.  After watching this stupid documentary where two women found themselves being mauled by a mountain lion while riding their bikes, I've often envisioned the same detriment for myself.  So, instead of accepting my fate, I speak with a masculine voice, "Mountain lions, hear me!  Stay away from me, or I will cut out your throat with my knife."    Sometimes, I hear them whimper and scurry around for cover from the almighty Jacob. :)  Plus, I have a wife now, so I must protect her from the wild predators!

As we hiked along the path to the supposed Zapata Lake and I was preparing for the lion that dared to show his face, we found this sweet cabin.  I think it was from the gold mining era.  Approaching the old wooden structure with caution, we found skeletons of ancient gold miners inside.  Just kidding.  It was a little bit creepy, but after checking it out, we determined it was safe for us to take a few pics.  The adventurous Jacob climbed around on the rickety cabin and my nurturing wife exclaimed, "Be careful honey, it doesn't look very safe!"  I assured her that I would be fine.  After testing the integrity of the wood, I decided it would be best to listen to my wife and get down.  Looking at our watched, we headed back to the car.  On the way down the trail, we stopped to carve our initials in an Aspen tree.  J + N is what I carved with the Spyderco knife.  We become one with the wilderness.

Back at the car, Noelle made PB&J sandwiches, and I ripped off my shirt to tan my white chest.  As I laid there on the hot cement, these stupid flies were landing on me and biting my flesh.  It was a little irritating.  Anyhow, the sandwiches were delightful and the chips replenished my sodium deficiency.  We drove back to Colorado Springs over the next 2.5hrs and made if safely back to our humble abode.

As you can see, the weekend turned our great!  Rough start, but we persevered and it ended up being a fairly relaxing excursion. 

We had expectations.  The lesson learned was to hold expectations loosely and to be okay with change.  Unexpected change can broadside you at the most unanticipated times, so be ready and ask yourself, "How will you respond?"