First blog from my blackberry...

Just sitting here drinking a glass of White Peach Grap juice about to watch an episode of the Unit with my wife-this is the life!

I swear we never leave theMILL earlier than 11, but not tonight Sir. We were able to escape by 10:20. I believe that might be a record for us.

Tomorrow, I am going to sleep in and take it easy because when next week hits, I'm going to find myself battling stress from a few days away from our Africa trip. June 1-16 are the dates, and we are truly looking forward to the adventure. Noelle and I are responsible for all the Kenya teams and will travel to 3 different locations over the course of the upcoming trip. We are also responsible for the 240 person debrief. I must say that I'm looking forward to that.

OK, enough for now-my thumbs are growing weary. Plus, Noelle just walked in so we are going to veg for a bit before going to bed. Good night friends!

Blogging from my Blackberry