Adventures in the Province

Hello, fellow bloggers! This morning, I looked out our bedroom window and saw a chicken hanging next to a pair of underwear. Ah…you have got to love overseas.

First, a birthday update: In case you didn’t know, I turned the big 3-0 yesterday. Woohoo! Ginny made me a delicious chocolate/mocha cake for my birthday and we went to an amazing Chinese restaurant for dinner with some of the In His Steps International staff.  Theavy (the director of the Sak Saum ministry) made me a beautiful black necklace. I do love the jewels.

Today Jacob and I went with Eric, Ginny and Sarith (their country director) went to Saang Province for the morning to do house calls. We traveled in a Tuk-tuk to four different homes to visit some of the orphans they work with. I love their approach to orphans – rather than creating an orphanage, they place them in homes with families. They are all going to school and receive private tutoring in the mornings. Awesome!

I held the cutest, fat little brown baby for awhile. I LOVE Cambodian babies.  Someday I hope to have one of my own…via adoption of course. =) The babies here don’t wear diapers so when I noticed some action might be happening soon, I quickly handed him back to his mother.

Jacob is so amazing with the kids. It warms my heart to watch him. Every place we stopped, within moments he had a group of kids around him. They are hungry for parental love (Cambodians don’t believe in hugging and kissing their kids). One boy’s face lit up immediately when Jacob spent a little time with him. The simplest things seem to communicate value. It helps me see the Jesus of the Gospels in a new light.

Ok, time to end for today. Happy New Year everyone!