15hrs Left!

After our stay in a luxurious suite at the Marriot, we finally made it to the LAX Airport and find ourselves waiting for a LONG flight.  Most likely, I will be sleeping 75% of the time, so I'm taking advantage of the time I have while I'm semi-coherent. 

Here are some of my expectations for the upcoming trip:

  1. Direction for the future: Our plan is to be in Cambodia long-term, so my prayer is that the Lord gives Noelle and I specific direction for our near future.

  2. A good understanding of the ministry we will be working with.  Obviously, we have a basic understanding of what In His Steps International does or we wouldn't be considering spending the rest of our lives there, but I want an in-depth understanding of their program.  I want to see it first hand and work side by side with Eric & Ginny Hanson - founders of In His Steps International.

  3. Photography: I'm planning on using this skill long term once we arrive in Cambodia permanently.  Hopefully, I will get a glimpse of the possibilities on this trip.  I can't wait to shoot till my shutter goes dead!!

  4. Develop more of a heart for the lost:  I feel as though this comes in waves for me.  I want a consistent burning for the lost.  A burden for their salvation!  I pray the Lord further increases this desire in me.


That's it for me.  Now it's Noelle's turn.  Noelle - take it over!

Noelle's Expectations:


  1. Building Relationships: I am excited to continue and build some of the relationships I started a couple of years ago the last time I came. It is a privilege to work alongside Eric and Ginny's Cambodian staff and I can't wait to begin getting to know them.

  2. Getting an Idea of Where I Fit: My hope is that God will begin to reveal what part I might play with In His Steps. This remains pretty undefined for me. I am okay with that most of the time (except when my performance-oriented ways of living kick in!). In my experience of walking with God, so often He shows me the next step and fills in the details once I am there. My role at theMILL has been very much like that. I am not as concerned with what I will actually do -- so often, as Americans, that becomes our primary concern -- but rather how God will use who I am.

  3. Deepening My Capacity to Love: Every time I work with people, my capacity to love is expanded. Some days it is easy to walk with people and love them wholeheartedly, other days I am more acutely aware of how needy I am of God's help. I expect to catch His heart for the world, and specifically Cambodia, in deeper ways and I am open to that being both a beautiful and challenging process.


This is not an expectation, but I am very excited to spend two weeks with my husband, praying and dreaming. I am also very excited to hang out with a couple whom we really admire and enjoy. That's all for now!

Jacob & Noelle