People at the Airport

So the adventure begins. Waiting at the airport can be boring or fun. Fun for those who like to "people watch", like me! Here we are an hour and a half early - get on the plane to LA.

I decided to make my first blog about people, the people here at the airport.

So I'm going to introduce 5 types that I've observed over the last hour. Here we go!

1. The college kid. This particular type is easily identified by a few items such as: a Rockstar Energy drink, a fashionable hoody, headphones and to top it off, a Mac. There is probably about 3 of these types sitting here in the waiting area.

2. Senior Citizens. Let's see...obviously, the white-greyish hair gives them away. They are either quietly waiting or taking a quick cat nap before they board.  Most of them have their pants hiked above their hips and the couples are unusually sappy. I hope Noelle and I are like them when we turn 80.

3. We can't forget about the business man. Crabby, irritable, ready to be home and most likely catching up on a project on his overworked Dell Latitude D Series, the typical business man is totally in the zone. FYI - the Latitude D Series is Dell's business class notebook. Did you know that 90% of them have almost identical outfits on? Yup - khakies and a button-up plaid shirt.

4. Foreign Folks. Lots of em!

5. The two Moms. Sadly enough, I believe there are two moms sitting across the waiting area with one child. Get it? Sad.

Well, we are about to board...finally.

Stay tuned for frequent updates on our travels to Cambodia.

With clammy hands and a happy heart,

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