Cookies and Milk


So what is your favorite indulgence at night? I assume you are thinking about some raisins submerged in rice pudding or maybe some Captain Crunch with organic milk. Whatever your craving may be, cookies and milk are always a good option.


Tonight, Noelle and I hung some more stuff on our walls in the apartment. I have one word for hanging things on walls. Tedious. I know tedious can be defined as boring, but that’s not the case. Its more or less – mind-numbing when you have to put the nails in the proper place hopefully hitting a stud or you risk your famed wall hanging being off centered or just looking plain dumb. Whether it be a family heirloom, a clock from Target or these long wooden things that are supposed to ‘hold’ things like pictures and knick knacks, plan on spending a great deal of time doing this little task. I will admit after it was all done, the walls look great and Noelle is happy. I am happy.


So where am I going with this? As a reward, Noelle made me cookies and milk. The chocolate chip cookie aroma filled the air and the craving for these little devils suddenly increased. I sat down with a glass of organic milk, fat-free of course and began to enjoy this magnificent treat. My bride is such a servant. She also made me dinner tonight. Taco Salad was on the menu and it was sure scrumptious.


Ahhhhh, married life is great! Husband and wife finally living together, sharing stories together and eating cookies and milk together. I don’t think life could get much better.