Preparing for Missions


I can’t believe as Noelle and I travel today back to the US from our honeymoon, in the not too distant future, this will become our lifestyle.  Traveling abroad, working with In His Steps International in Cambodia and partnering together to provide maximum impact for the Kingdom.  This very task – lifestyle rather, the Lord has called us to and we gladly accepted His calling on our lives.  We said yes to this endeavor and will be diligently working to get there ASAP.  Since we only got married one week ago, it would be foolish to pack our bags tomorrow and leave.  We need to prepare.  Preparation will be crucial to our lifelong success in the mission field.  Moving overseas can be stressful in addition to our first year of marriage.  We also need to raise funds for our first year, establish lines of support both financial and prayer and pay off our flippin debt.  Sometimes when I think about this feat, it seems like we will never get over there, but both Noelle and I know we can do it.


I remember having dinner with Eric and Ginny Hanson one evening at Ted’s Montana Grill.  If you have never had the experience of partaking in the amazing bison at Teds – well, stop reading and go there.  It’s located in the heart of the Shops at Briaragate.  Oh gosh – I just dribbled slobber on myself.  Anyway, this dinner was the beginning of something great for Noelle and I.  Meeting Eric and Ginny was God ordained for sure.  After having a 4hr dinner with these contagious people, we left feeling encouraged, happy and overjoyed.  Seriously, Eric and Ginny have Jesus spewing out of them.  I’m not joking people!  These people are filled with the Holy Spirit, life and wisdom I’d pay money for to have.  What a fantastic opportunity to work with such marvelous people.  Did I mention we get to partner with these folks in Cambodia?  They started a ministry called In His Steps International.  This ministry has many micro focuses while most focus on empowering the Cambodians to work and lead.  I will write more later on Eric and Ginny’s ministry.  From what I hear, they are busier than ever.  So look here…we get to go help!  The Lord has laid Cambodia on our hearts and has confirmed through prophecy and through our own personal prayers lives.  It’s amazing to hear and then put into practice what the Lord has shown us.


Well, this is just the beginning of something big!  This “something” will consume our lives and transition us to a foreign land.