Volunteer With Us

If you are interested in serving alongside us in Cambodia, there are a few ways to volunteer.

Short-Term Volunteer: This is the best way to get a taste of what life is like in Cambodia and the work happening here. Short-term volunteers commitments range from several weeks to several months. As a short-term volunteer, you would serve in many practical ways, engage in culture and language learning, and build relationships with our international and national team members.

Long-Term Volunteer: We consider a long-term volunteer to be someone making a two year commitment at minimum. All long-term volunteers must first complete a short-term stint to allow both sides to decide if the fit is right. Long-term volunteers have the opportunity to take on specific roles within the ministry or to even develop a new area of work that they feel passionate about.

Short-Term Teams: We love short-term teams and believe they can be a great encouragement and stimulant to the work happening here. If you or your church would like to organize a team, we would love to host you. Short-term teams come for a maximum of two weeks in country and teams should be no more than 10 people. The team would have an opportunity to serve in a variety of locations and perhaps even assist in strengthening local churches and other organizations as well. 

If you are interested in pursuing volunteering opportunities with us or Iris Ministries, please email Jacob at jacob@thegoodlins.com.