Jesus Make Me a Gecko

So my son, Caleb, is experiencing faith and Jesus in a personal way. It is so beautiful...and sometimes a little funny. He loves to pray at dinner and will ask for prayer regularly when he needs help. He even lays hands on me, Jacob and Aaron (if he can catch him!) and asks God for encouragement, healing, or whatever else he deems necessary. 

Recently he has been pretending to be a gecko. We have a lot of these in Cambodia. He slithers around and tries to climb up walls--I had to draw the line at licking the floor. But one's imagination can only go so far and one night at the dinner table he declared that he had asked Jesus to make him a gecko. Once and for all, no turning back. 

For almost a week he went to sleep each night convinced Jesus would transform him only to wake up disappointed by his little boy hands and feet. Finally the question came, "WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?!"

How does one answer that? No one had prepared me that one day my four year old's faith would wrestle with gecko transformation. I gave myself a full day to think on it and this is what I said:

"Caleb, I am sorry if this makes you sad, but I don't think Jesus is going to turn you into a gecko. You see, God thought long and hard and planned a long time to make you. You are the only you. No one else will ever be you. You are wonderful. When God made you, He looked at you and said, 'Caleb Goodlin is fearfully and wonderfully made. He is good, very very good.' God created you to love animals, to be creative, to believe in the things that seem impossible to mankind but are possible with Him. I love how He made you."

Too serious? It is just a silly gecko imagination game, right? Not to my son. To him this is as real as it gets. And if it matters to his sensitive heart, it matters to God. 

Besides...this answer was water for my soul too. Because we all know how the enemy of humanity loves to worm his way into our hearts with comparison, envy, pride, and insecurity. You are the only you. I am the only me. God delights in us because we are unique expressions of Him, the Master Creator. That truth is worth a deep breath to let it really sink in...