The Hunt is On

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining some pals of mine to go rat hunting. Hunting this varmints is a way of life for some, but for us it was purely sport with a tasty victory. I went a couple of years ago too, but we took a boat and it ended up being more like a tour/pleasure ride - a chance to see some beautiful Cambodian countryside. This time, it was hard work. We tramped through waist-shoulder deep water at times, thick mud and got to enjoy the fine odor of cow dung. 

These guys are skilled at using the slingshot. These slingshots are homemade with a hardened branch and lots of rubber bands, and they are dead on. Ka-pow, one rat dead. 18 ka-pows later, we have a bucket full of rats, two geckos and two snakes. Don't worry, they were harmless snakes...I think. Drenched, tired, hot with wrinkled feet, we headed back to begin the task of preparing our little snack.

I didn't actually get any rats myself. Trust me, I tried.

So there's the next part - consuming rat. There was something mental about this that I had a really hard time dealing with. You don't eat rats! You don't eat city rats. Rats from the countryside are supposedly clean. Before us, we had crispy tailed critters waiting for hungry warriors to devour. All the boys wanted me to go first, so peeled off a couple of legs and went to town. I was pleasantly surprised. It really did taste like chicken! And as long as I didn't think about what I was eating, it was perfectly fine. There. Done. I am more Cambodian now :)

***All photos below were taken with my iPhone.