2012 Gloria Jeans Barista Competition

Coffee has become a regular part of my diet. Because it's full of antioxidants? No. Almost one year ago, my wife and I had our first child. I used to drink one cup a day, but sometimes I wouldn't drink any. Now, maybe two-three cups, depending on the source. If I get a drink at Gloria Jeans, which is way too often, I get a large 2 pump vanilla, three shot iced latte. Delicious and revitalizing. Otherwise, I enjoy a cup of Starbucks from the freezer thanks to friends back in the States.

This past Sunday, Gloria Jeans had a barista competition where 10 baristas from different branches came together and competed to see who had the best expresso making skills. They also had to present their drink-making process while preparing the different beverages. This competition was timed and judged. They also had to present in English. I was so proud, especially of the baristas from the branch I frequent.

I didn't stay for the entire event, but I was excited to find out that Puthy, one of my favorite baristas won. He was so excited!

I offered to Anne, the general manager to take some photos of the event for her. Here are some of the shots.


And the winner is...Puthy!