We are thankful for our community back home and are thankful that God is using others as we walk in obedience to His purposes. We want you to be a part of this journey.  We welcome your wisdom, prayers and continued investment.

Via New Life Church *NEW*
(Tax Deductible):


A couple of quick facts about donating via New Life Church.

  • All donations are tax-deductible.

  • New Life Church is gracious enough to process donations for us. We get 100% of the donation minus 5% credit card/handling fee.


  1. Visit New Life Church's Giving System to donate securely by clicking the "Donate via New Life" down below.

  2. Click "Support Missions" under "Designated Giving."

  3. Please input the amount you'd like to give, and set the gift as an "one-time gift" or "recurring gift." 

  4. Under "Giving Type," select our names, "AM-Goodlin, Jacob and Noelle."

  5. Lastly, fill in your billing info and click "Give."

Tax Deduction Not Important?

You can donate securely right here via our website.


Partner in Prayer:

We are always in need of prayer! If you are interested in being part of a small team of intercessors who will commit to pray for us on a daily basis, please fill out this short form here

Specifically, here are a couple of areas we request prayer.

  • Growing Family - We are growing as a family which means a lot of adjustments and new levels of selflessness. Pray that we will remain connected to each other and God during this season.
  • Fruitfulness - We love serving Iris' vibrant ministry. Pray that God will continue to grow us in wisdom and godliness. Pray also for fruitfulness as we serve the ministry and Cambodia.