Christmas Time at the Goodlins


Sorry for the delay in posting this! We wanted to share a few pics from our Christmas so that our family and friends could feel a part of our holiday here. Though the new year has come and gone, we hope you will still enjoy!

Christmas in Cambodia this year really lasted almost the entire month of December. There were Sak Saum parties and church parties, In His Steps international staff parties, and In His Steps Cambodian staff parties. It seemed that every week there was a special Christmas event to look forward to. Fun!

We also had some festivities around our house as well. This was the second year we did an advent calendar. Aaron loved being able to count down to Christmas with a little treat or activity each day. And we decorated the Christmas tree. Last year Caleb was still so small so this year it was fun to watch both boys enjoy the process. We also purchased a little nativity set. I (Noelle) was really excited about this because I grew up looking in wonder at my family’s nativity set every Christmas. It was meaningful to watch Aaron talk himself through the real story of Christmas on an almost daily basis as he looked at Mary, Joseph and Jesus. (Caleb was mostly interested in trying to eat them all but he will get there one day. LOL.)

Though a nasty stomach bug decided to visit us right before Christmas day, we were grateful to be able to enjoy the day, albeit with slightly less energy and appetite than normal. Below are a few pics of our day together. Fun to watch the boys open their gifts and enjoy each other!


A Little Christmas Video...For You.

As promised, we produced a small Christmas video for those who don't like to read.  I totally appreciate video way more than reading a piece of paper. Gosh!  I guess there are times where reading is more appropriate, but hey, a video from the Goodlin's should not be missed by anyone.

I sure hope you enjoy and sorry if the audio seems faint.  I guess we need to pick a spot where there is little background noise.


It's Christmas Time! from Jacob and Noelle Goodlin on Vimeo.

Noelle and I decided to make a little Christmas video. Enjoy!


Merry Christmas!

Hello, friends and family! Even as we write this, we are busy decorating our Christmas tree, shopping for gifts and attending more parties than we thought possible. It is a full and wonderful time of year for us -- we hope the same for you.

As we continue preparing for our Cambodia move, it is comforting to remember the men and women of faith who also followed God's lead into a world of unknowns -- Abraham and Sarah with the promise of a one-day baby, Moses with millions of cranky Israelites in tow, David as he fled from Saul into the wilderness, and Mary and Joseph.  It was out of their world of faith and mystery that Jesus came, the savior of the world.

We serve an incredible God and hope you will rediscover the wonder and awe of following Him this Christmas season.

Much love to you and enjoy our Christmas message.

Jacob and Noelle

P.S. A Christmas video is coming...soon. You won't want to miss this one, so check back!

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