Grandpa and Grandma Visit Cambodia!

A couple of weeks ago, my Dad and Stepmom came to visit us and their grand-kiddos in Cambodia. It was so much fun having them! We kept them busy and made sure they had ample time with the kids. A trip to the beach, Saang, Sak Saum and all around Phnom Penh were some of things we did. My Dad even managed to drive my bike which was eventful. I'll let him fill you in on the details, but it involved several Cambodians laughing hysterically at him. Use your imagination.

We are so thankful to have loving family that spends their precious time/money to make there way over here. It means the world to us.

I can't end this blog without including a ton o' pictures. Enjoy! Remember, you can click on the small ones to make them bigger.

We are loving how confident Aaron is getting!

Caleb wants to do what Aaron does :)


A trip to Gloria Jeans!


A trip to the river front


They would chase after birds all day if they could.

I love the brotherhood resembled here.

A trip to the beach!

Look at these two love cakes.

Look at these two love cakes.

A trip to the waterfall on the way home!

Lastly, a family photo.

Lastly, a family photo.


This past weekend, we took a little trip to a place called Sihanoukville.  Sihanoukville is located about 3.5hrs South of Phnom Penh on the coast of Cambodia. It's beautiful! Eric and Ginny took us to their little getaway spot for a long weekend. It was incredible. It's amazing how a little rest can rejuvenate the soul.

I remember talking to several missionaries before we left and one thing that sticks in my mind is the importance of rest. Often times, I think we get carried away in the busyness of life and forget the value of rest. It's vital to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Well, as new missionaries, we want to practice and establish healthy habits and that includes finding time to rest.

So Friday morning, we all hopped in the car and headed off down the crazy roads of Cambodia to the beautiful coast. After 20 or so lime shakes and a serving of Barracuda and plenty of Cambodian snacks, we found ourselves rested, energized and ready to get at it once again.

Me being a photog, I took pictures. Surprised? I didn't think so. Enjoy!

Here is a beautiful shot of the sunset.


An old man grabbing his fishing net.


Fishing is a huge source of income for Cambodians, so there weren't a shortage of fishing boats!




The lady on the left is carrying one of my favorite Cambodian fruit. We call them Hairy Berries. Eric on the right is trying out his new camera. It's fun to shoot photos with someone else that enjoys photography.


Noelle getting her peach fuzz ripped from her face. Also known as "threading." Look painless? It's not.


Meet Tee. Eric and Ginny met Tee a long time ago when they first started coming to the beach. Over time, they have built quite the relationship with him. It's awesome to see good things that last. We pray one day, Tee will come to know Jesus. It was great to get to know him a little bit.


A shot of my beautiful bride.


Um. I guess whenever I go to the beach, I'm a little bit out of control.


Another shot of Noelle. And on the right is a Lime Shake. Tasty!! We had many of them over the course of the weekend.




The last night, Ginny got crab to eat. Noelle said this at the time and I loved it, "Ginny, you are the only 50+ woman I know who helps handicapped men on the beach (Ginny bought a month's worth of headbands from him for Sak Saum) and eats crab." Indeed. Eric and Ginny are a vibrant couple!


The elevators. Long story short. The elevators at our hotel were on crack. They gave you like 3 seconds to get inside before the doors shut. And you know how there is supposed to be a mechanism that prevents them from shutting people in the doors? Not these.