With Honor on Father's Day

My dad and I during his visit to Cambodia last year.My dad has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because Father's Day is tomorrow; maybe because I love him SO MUCH; maybe because becoming a parent makes you consider your own parents in a whole new light -- not sure but I wanted to share a few thoughts and memories here in honor of my dad.

Quality Time: When I think about my dad as a little girl, I remember that he always had time for me. And he not only made time, he wanted the time -- big difference, I think! I loved going to his office during the summer for a father/daughter day. I would color and organize his paper clips (they were always a mess) while he met with authors both well-known and unknown. He always smelled like paper and Old Spice -- a combo which never fails to leave me nostalgic today.

Awkward Teenager: I, like most teenagers I suppose, wasn't always the easiest to be around. I was moody and battled low self-esteem. I had endless crushes on boys and easily hurt feelings. At a time when it seems easy for fathers to allow distance to creep in, my dad didn't. He asked questions and listened to my thoughts (rational and irrational). He laughed at my stories and empathized with my heartaches. He hugged me. He told me I was beautiful. In my own self-rejection, he embraced me.

Faithful Kindness: But perhaps the quality which has remained most influential is his faithfulness and kindness. People can be faithful and unkind or kind but unfaithful. But to remain both faithful and kind in the face of life's challenges is not so easy. Through my mom's battle with cancer, my dad served her faithfully AND with kindness. In the grief following her death, my dad walked with God, my brother and I faithfully AND with kindness. And in the messiness and beauty that is our new blended family, I see my dad choosing once again faithfulness and kindness.

I love my dad. I am thankful to God for him. And I honor him today as a wonderful father and friend. Happy Father's Day!

Enjoy a few pics of our family below starting with my dad, me and my newborn baby brother!

Reading time when my brother and I were young...

A Christmas card one year. Yes, we are strange sometimes. =)

And my brother, Dad and I on a more normal day.

So thankful my dad and husband love each other!