Some Local Cambodian Flair

I thought since I'm a photographer, I'd snap a few photos of our market visit today.  The Russian Market is a must-see if you come visit Cambodia.  It's full of life, smells (some you won't like), sounds of different languages being spoken from tourists and oh, it's blazing hot.  I'm not joking.  The Russian Market is probably 3 or 4 square blocks and the roof is lined with corrugated metal.  As soon as the sun comes out the metal begins to soak it up, so it feels like you are in a oven with no breeze.  It will test your patience and tolerance to heat for sure.

It was so much fun visiting the Market these past couple of days.  We bought practically everything we need for our kitchen, bathroom, etc.  Most of the prices are reasonable, but thanks to Ginny Hanson (In His Steps), she helped us around and even provided some bargaining assistance.  

Anyways, I thought I'd start off with a couple of photos from my phone.  We went out for lunch today at a place along the river and ate Pho. All I can say is YUMMY!  If you come visit, this is a required place to visit.  It's a soup full of vegetables and you can seasoning to taste and herbs.  I usually get chicken.  


Notice the sweat pouring from our faces.  I know I was whining about the cold...well, now I'm whining about the heat.

Some of the beautiful dishes in the market.

Hard at work.

I loved how the light was coming through the roof on this one.

Bright fresh red onions.  Tons of fresh vegetables at the Market.

More dishes

I asked this guy if I could take a picture of him.  I wish I could have got what he was doing in the whole frame, but I wasn't able to.  Anyways, he's making jewelry and it was super hot.

I'm telling ya what...the ladies in Cambodia know how to work hard. :)

Shot from the hip.

Trash. Lots of it.

I thought this door was cool.

Another guy making jewelry.

Outside of the market.