Hole in the Wall

If you want to work out in Cambodia, you have a few choices:

  1. Go to a western-style gym (about $20/month if you pay a year in advance).  There is a lap pool and a great gym. And it's very clean.
  2. Workout at home.  Of course, you can get your workout machines and find a corner in your small apt or villa to put them in, but that's boring.
  3. Outside.  At about 5:30ish, you will find plenty of Asians  doing some crazy stretching and contorting their bodies in ways you've never imagined.  I'm sure if you asked, you could participate with them...many do. Once the group is big enough and you have some  sweet sounding Khmer (Cambodian) music, you will have yourself a little jazzercise class.
  4. The last way I can think of and that I've loved is working out at a Cambodian gym.  It's literally a hole in the wall on the side of the street.  It cost 1,000 Riel or .$25 and for that you get the following:
  5. Heat.  It's so hot.  I leave after 45 minutes feeling a bit dizzy.
  6. Limited equipment.  To be honest, it has everything you need.  It's just not American.  All of the equipment is older and rusted and safety isn't their concern.  But their's not  ton of weight available either.

    So this morning, Solomon (My new friend working at In His Steps) and I headed out to the gym.  We ran there.  Cambodians never run.  In fact, if you have to walk more than 50 feet, they would prefer to take a moto.  So it was great to get Solomon out to run:)

    Here are a couple pictures from my phone from this morning's adventure!


    Solomon getting HUGE!!!

     Jacob acting huge...but not really.  I think I lost 20lbs this morning in just sweat.

     The interesting leg press.

     On the way back from the gym.