Race Day 2

Day 2 was so gorgeous. The terrain was relatively flat and fast. I had an average of 18.6 for the day which is a record for me. I'm really surprised with how good I feel considering the circumstances and all. This is the furthest I've ridden and I was expecting my legs to be shot by now, but with lots of water, carbs and calories, I've survived.

Yesterday, my knee began to bother me going up Vail Pass. Well, I decided to ride today despite the pain I was experiencing during every revolution I made during the ride today. I'm paying for it now. After our 65 mile ride today, Noelle and I went to the Breckenridge medical clinic to get my knee checked out. After waiting for an hour, I was finally seen by a doctor. She concluded that I had Quadracep Tendonitis. I'm so thankful the really important parts of my knee are fine.

Tomorrow, my goal is to ride and deal with the pain. Even as I lay here, I hear my knee crying out in agony and saying you are crazy. Should I ride?

Pride is in my way, so I must decide whether to ride or to sit this one out because I'm not sure if its worth it. Stay tuned and find out what happens. Ahhhhh..... Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone