Race Day 1

It was so beautiful riding in the mountains today. We started in Leadville, CO which is over 10,000ft above sea level and boy was it cold. Thankfully, I had these sweet arm warmers with this furry stuff on the inside to help keep me warm. I was sure happy about that!

After a long descent out of Leadville, we made our way through some challenging climbs and also enjoyed some awesome downhills. My top speed for the day was 44.9mph. I really thought I could of gone faster, but my legs couldn't peddle any faster. Just before lunch, we were on this downhill and came across a bicycle accident. We weren't too sure what happened, but the dude was moaning so I'm sure it was pretty bad.

Lunch was great, Vail pass was ok and I'm proud to say that I didn't have to stop once going up the 7 mile climb.

After we reached the top of Vail Pass, we descended into Copper resort and found ourselves surrounded by cheering supporters. Oh, and my dad came up just to see me. What a great man!!

Tomorrow, we start in Copper and end in Breckenridge 65 Miles later. I sure hope my knee doesn't bother me like it did today. Anyway, I'm looking forward to another day in the Colorado mountains. It will be awesome!

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