Arrived Safe & Sound...

This morning, Noelle and I woke to the sound of car horns, bells and an unfamiliar feeling of HIGH humidity.  I swear - even after taking a shower I feel as though I could take another just sitting here typing this blog.  I think I realized last night that I will need some time to adjust.


We aren't sure what's on the agenda for today, but I'm sure it will involve visiting the Killing Fields (read up on Cambodian history to find out what this is about), eat a Cambodian meal, ride on a moto and who know what else. Noelle and I are super excited about the Lord has in store for us on this trip and in the future. 


Anyway, I just realized this blog didn't post all the info and the picture I took of the city. Dang it!


Stay tuned!


Jacob & Noelle