Learn a Little About Us:

We moved to Cambodia in March 2010 as a young couple, eager to serve Cambodians. We had no expectations on how long we would stay but felt led to keep an open heart and to plant ourselves as deeply as we possibly could. In a relatively short time, the Lord confirmed to us that He had long-term plans for us here. 

We love Cambodia. We love living here — the sights, sounds, smells (some less pleasant than others), and friendships have become the tapestry of our daily lives. We can imagine doing nothing else, living anywhere else. We are so grateful that God led us here.

In 2016, we will be moving to Sihanoukville, a coastal town here in Cambodia. We are still fine-tuning what our work will look like there but we are excited for a new adventure. Read our newsletter about Why Sihanoukville here. 

When we came, it was just Jacob and Noelle. Now we are a family of five! Aaron came first — a charismatic two-year old who captured our hearts with his personality and story in April 2011. We were so blessed to welcome him into our family via In His Steps International. His official adoption into our family was finalized in September 2015. Caleb arrived in October 2011 with a whole-heartedness and sensitivity. And now we have Jackson Bruce, our laid-back little gift of grace who made his appearance November 2015. Three boys means our home is full of noise, giggles, superheroes, and rough-housing. We find it both wonderful and stretching.